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    @mommy2deonta you are right, it wouldn’t work… #ghettogirls #Friday #joi #HoodStories #HoodStory #GoldHoops #IceCube (at Back In the Day….)

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    Michaela DePrince getting ready for her role as Odette in Swan Lake for Het Nationale Ballet JC 

    "The two roles that I most dream of dancing are the role of Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, and the role of Odette/Odile in Swan Lake.”

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    Might pull up in my bucket, this nine holds a good dozen

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    Morning sex? More like Morning Beast Me!…I need it!

    - The Mrs.

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    Some of our favorite photos of President Obama being a dad.


    black family supremacy

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    Two days before the Smile Jamaica concert, gunmen appeared at Marley’s home and shot him, Rita Marley, and his manager Don Taylor. No one was killed. Marley performed, but not before showing his wounds to the crowd.

    The failed assassination would serve as the inspiration for his song "Ambush in the Night"

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    +_@Ayisha Diaz


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